Adrienne leslie-toogood | PHD | C. Psych | MPC, CSPA

I am a licensed psychologist and adjunct faculty member at the University of Manitoba. I am also the Director of Sport Psychology at the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba and owner of Toogood Consulting. I have a rare combination of both clinical and sport psychology training, which enables me to work with athletes/coaches/people to both enhance performance and manage mental wellness as they pursue elite sport/life. 

I have extensive experience working with athletes in both Canada and the United States at all levels of performance. I have attended almost every multi-sport games from the Canada Games to the Olympics and Paralympics, and have travelled extensively with a wide range of teams. In addition to my work in sport, I have worked with several other high performers including RCMP emergency response team members, medical doctors, business leaders, air traffic controllers, and performing artists.

I am currently the Past Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, the psychology lead for the National Sport Medicine Advisory Council of Canada and an active member of several other professional associations.  Prior to returning to Canada, I was a faculty member at Kansas State University where I was the Coordinator of the Curriculum for Student Services in Intercollegiate Athletics and the Athletic Department Liaison. I believe in empowering people to embrace their humanity so they are able to maximize their human potential. I work hard to ensure that athletes are able to fully enjoy their entire sport experience (the highs and lows) and that they are continually learning and growing both as a person and athlete. My personal mission statement is “passion, commitment and intensity unleash a new freedom of an energetic, balanced and holistic person who is healthy for life”.