Natalie Durand-Bush

Dr. Natalie Durand-Bush is a full professor and director of the SEWP Lab in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. She is also an adjunct professor in the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, Norway. Her areas of interest and expertise include psychological skills training, coaching, and mental health and well-being. Through her research and practice, she aims to understand self-regulation competencies underlying the development of optimal performance and well-being in different contexts including sport, medicine, the performing arts, and academia. Natalie also develops interventions and programs designed to help individuals and teams achieve performance excellence, and sustain self-care and mental health in this process. Her work as a Mental Performance Consultant with high performance and developmental level athletes and coaches for the past 24 years is intricately linked to her research and teaching.

Natalie created the Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment Tool (OMSAT-3*©), an instrument translated in several languages to evaluate multiple mental skills necessary for consistent high-quality performance. She is also the co-founder of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and has contributed to this organization as Chair, Review Committee Member, Treasurer, and Certification Committee Chair. Natalie has served the International Society of Sport Psychology as Vice-President and Managing Council Member. She currently is an Executive Board member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She has recently co-founded the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport to provide competitive and high-performance athletes and coaches access to integrated and specialized mental health care services that will meet their unique needs.

Throughout the years, Natalie has enjoyed playing softball, curling, and doing martial arts. She has watched her daughter and son engage in variety of sports and has supported their specialization in competitive hockey and soccer in their teenage years. She is also a big fan of her husband's hockey game. She has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of sports on family members and friends who have experienced mental health challenges.