The CCMHS was co-founded by Dr. Natalie Durand-Bush and PhD Candidate Krista Van Slingerland from the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Through their sport and mental health-related research, teaching, practice, and community service, Natalie and Krista are striving to increase mental health literacy and access to adequate mental health support for competitive athletes and coaches.


Natalie Durand-Bush | Full Professor, SEWP Lab Director, uOttawa

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Krista Van Slingerland | PhD Candidate, SEWP Lab, uOttawa

One of the biggest obstacles when someone dies by suicide is people aren’t forthcoming with it and talk about it the way we talk about cancer and heart disease. We are perpetuating the lack of conversation, lack of awareness and education. The doctor encouraged us to talk. He said we wouldn’t harm anyone. He was bang on and it blew the barn doors off the whole thing.
— Stephanie and Luke Richardson | Founders of DIFD | As quoted by Newsday