Referrals to the CCMHS are easy. We accept self-referrals from athletes and coaches as well as referrals from allied healthcare practitioners and individuals supporting athletes and coaches (e.g., parent, partner, teammate, coach, physician, sport organization).

Referrals can be made online, by email, or by phone:

1. Online at www.ccmhs-ccsms.ca/refer

2. By email at INFO@CCMHS-CCSMS.CA

3. By phone at 613-454-1409 ext. 2090

Click here to directly access and complete the self-referral or external referral form:


Athletes and coaches (i.e., service-users) who are referred to the CCMHS and are interested in the services we offer will go through an intake assessment with our Care Coordinator.

They will be asked to sign a consent form to participate in our ongoing research project, allowing us to develop the most effective mental health care model and team for competitive and high-performance athletes and coaches. They will also be asked to sign a consent form to receive services and allow the CCMHS mental health care team to access and share relevant medical documents and session notes, permitting the integration and continuity of care on which the CCMHS prides itself. Athletes' and coaches' extended support team (e.g., members of IST) will only be contacted and/or involved in the care process if athletes and coaches wish them to be and if they consent to this.

Athletes and coaches who meet CCMHS eligibility criteria will be assigned a team of practitioners who will oversee their mental health care. Those who do not meet eligibility criteria will be referred to resources in the mental health | sport community. Developing and providing an evidenced-based model of care is of the utmost priority at the CCMHS. The figure included here summarizes athletes' and coaches' pathway through the CCMHS, including the intake, mental health care, and research process.

CCMHS Service-user pathway.png