Rita Wyczynski | MHK | MBA | MPC, CSPA

I am a Mental Performance Consultant whose mission is to support, guide, inspire and empower athletes in their quest to become the best that they can be. My personal, professional and academic experiences in exercise physiology, marketing, event management, sport nutrition and mental performance and wellness span over my 30 years in sport and have shaped my approach to consulting.

Through my mental skills training company, PowerShift Sports, I approach my work with my clients from a holistic perspective to help them understand the critical link that exists between performance, various lifestyle choices, mental health and overall wellbeing.  By cultivating positive mental coping skills, I develop not only resilient athletes but also resilient individuals who will have tools and strategies to help them reach their performance goals and to help them navigate life’s many challenges.

My consulting model focuses on balance, positivity, emotional self-regulation and mental health to achieve performance excellence. My principal areas of practice include: stress management, anxiety, burnout, recovery from injury, sport identity crisis, transitions, confidence and focusing issues.  Mental health has been an expanding area in my practice due to the growing demand as it relates to sport.   

I have worked with a multitude of athletes and coaches from the club to provincial, CIS and national stream levels. I am a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.  I am also a member of the group “Women for Mental Health” at The Royal Ottawa Hospital. I am the co-author of the resource “Game Winning Nutrition”, a nutrition guide for athletes.

My spouse, three adult children, and I have always lead a very active lifestyle and have practiced a multitude of summer and winter sports at both the recreational and competitive levels.