To ensure the success and sustainability of the CCMHS and the specialized mental health care model for competitive and high-performance athletes and coaches, our aim is to raise $250,000 CAD.

Funds will be used to support activities and fees related to the advancement and operations of the CCMHS, including the electronic medical records system, telehealth service delivery platform, equipment, project management staff, insurance, office/clinic space, supplies, subsidization for service users, legal counsel, document translation, and ongoing research and knowledge translation activities.

Supporters wishing to direct financial contributions may do so by specifying one of the following areas:

  1. Core Operations

  2. Research

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Adopt an Athlete | Coach ~ The D’Arcy Bush Memorial Fund ~ Funds will be used to subsidize mental health care for athletes and coaches who meet eligibility requirements but cannot afford care

You can help shift mental health TALK to mental health ACTION by supporting the CCMHS. Your contributions will have a long-term impact by improving athletes' and coaches' access to care and lifelong participation in sport. To donate, please click on the box below.

It’s not nothing I’m against or ashamed of. Now, at my age, I understand how many people go through it. Even if it’s just somebody can look at it like, ‘He goes through it and he’s still out there being successful and doing this’, I’m OK with that.
— DeMar DeRozan | Toronto Raptors guard opens up about his personal battle with depression and anxiety | As quoted by