Susan Cockle | MA | R.Psych | MPC, CSPA

I am a registered psychologist (Alberta, Saskatchewan) with over two decades of experience in counselling psychology. I am also a mental performance consultant and professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, specializing in mental skills for optimal performance. As a former athlete in volleyball, field hockey, and athletics (sprints), as well as a long time runner, I know the value of sport in life.

I first began my counselling career providing one-on-one and group counselling to children and youth in northern Alberta aboriginal communities. I soon learned that if I played volleyball with the youth in the community, they would be more likely to attend my counselling sessions. So began my early love and passion for the combination of sport and mental health.

Over the years, I have learned much from developmental to Olympic level athletes and coaches with whom I have worked. I have been inspired by their courage in speaking about the stressors and mental health struggles they face, and their commitment to positive growth and change. This, plus my formal training and ongoing professional development, allows me to provide evidence based-interventions for athletes and coaches dealing with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, disordered eating, injury recovery, stress in high performance sport, etc. I truly believe that working on mental-health as well as mental skills leads to optimal performance in sport and life.

It is this belief that drove me to create C4Success, an online mental skills training program. Athletes, coaches, and teams, as well as sport academies are now using this online resource. I have prepared athletes for 3 Olympic games (2 summer, 1 winter), world championships, national competitions and Canada games. I have successfully aided high performance athletes in psychological recovery from injury and in transition out of sport. As a sport parent, I am also interested in supporting parents to best cope with the emotional rigours of high performance sport.