Welcome to the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport (CCMHS)

Where performance meets mental health

The CCMHS is a not-for-profit organization supporting the mental health and performance of competitive and high-performance athletes and coaches. The CCMHS is the first Centre in Canada to offer collaborative sport-focused mental health care services designed to help athletes and coaches achieve their performance goals while preserving their mental health and well-being. The CCMHS rests on 3 pillars of success: Integrated Care, Research, and Community Engagement.


Integrated Care

We provide specialized, interdisciplinary, mental health services in-house and through telehealth in an effective, timely and reliable manner. 

Our holistic and comprehensive approach underscores both mental health and athletic performance.



Our aim is to lead research in mental health and mental illness in sport, and to uncover the links between mental health and athletic performance.

Knowledge is translated into actions, programs and policies to create and sustain positive change.


Community Engagement

We engage individuals and organizations to change the culture of sport by revolutionizing perceptions of mental health and mental illness.

By creating partnerships and fostering learning and peer support, our aim is to improve help-seeking and lifelong access to care.

The CCMHS is led by a distinguished team of experts who are not only passionate and dedicated to sport and mental health, but also have lived experience in these areas. The team comprises our founders, board of directors, practitioners, stakeholders, community partners, and researchers. Our team members have an impressive track record in a variety of disciplines including sport sciences, medicine, health, psychology, counselling, business, and philanthropy. The CCMHS team’s mandate is to move mental health TALK to mental health ACTION!

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.
— Leonardo da Vinci